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June 17, 2022
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Photo of at the EDEKA Young Talent Award

The EDEKA Young Talent Award is an important event that offers young talents in the food industry a platform to present their skills and innovations. In this competition, young professionals have the opportunity to present their ideas for new products, marketing strategies or concepts in retail to a jury of experts. The EDEKA Young Talent Award not only promotes creative approaches, but also the exchange of knowledge and experience within the industry and offers participants the opportunity to make valuable contacts and develop further. This event is therefore not only an excellent opportunity for young talent, but also an important driving force for the future of food retail.

The job:

Over two days, we had the pleasure of giving hundreds of event visitors a treat with our photo van, which EDEKA had booked for the 2-day EDEKA Young Talent Award event in Bremen. We were able to experience the team spirit up close. On the first day, we welcomed the award ceremony participants in the courtyard of the energy control center in Bremen! The way to the evening event later led us to Shed 1. There, during the event, the photo van shone in wonderful evening light right on the Weser. Had it not been a photo assignment, you could have thought it was a vacation.

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