Der Bulli nach rechts fahrend als Illustration in der Farbe Beige.


I am a Volkswagen Bulli T2a. I am known all over the world as an indestructible companion for individualists, surfers and adventurers. I discovered the light of day on a warm summer day in July 1970 in Hanover. From then on, I drove hard-working craftsmen and tools to construction sites in many countries in Europe until my new owner decided to give me a few new windows to use me for family trips from then on — I liked that much better!

In 2012, I was lovingly restored, given brand-new technology, new colors and chic upholstery that make my interior look as cozy as a living room.

Now I'm a charming eye-catcher at events in Germany and Europe. Instead of a second bench, I have a state-of-the-art photo box on board and can hardly wait to inspire your guests as a photo van at an exciting event!

Der Bus von der Seite in einer schönen Scene komplett aufgebaut fotografiert.

Brother from another Mother

For big events, not only the Peter photo van is available, but also the Detlev photo van. The photobulbs date from 1970 and 1971 and have been lovingly restored, prepared for exciting events and brought up to date with the latest technology. Before each use, our Bullis penises are carefully hand washed and polished to a high gloss. That makes a powerful impression!

Bus Peter

VW Bulli umgebaut zum Fotobulli.

VW Bus T2a

Peter (Vaddan)
1600 cm³
50 PS
110 km/h
0 - 100 km/h
27 Sec.

Bus Detlev

UnserBus aufgebaut mit dem Drucker draußen.

VW Bus T2a

1600 cm³
50 PS
120 km/h
0 - 100 km/h
25 Sec.

Bus Peter

UnserBus seitlich von vorne fotografiert.

VW T2a Bulli

1200 cm³
0 - 100 km/h
27 sek

Our bus - a photo van!

Always air-cooled and polished up, our moving photo booth travels across Germany to exciting events to bring pure joy to its guests. Anyone who dares to step inside is immediately overcome by the magical bull feeling of the 60s and 70s: “What happens in the van, stays in the van!”

T2a Bulli in der Farbe Grün als Outline
Ein Polaroid von der Kamera aus dem Bulli.

The photo van experience


In the lovingly designed interior of our van, there is a state-of-the-art photo box whose digital interface can be adapted to customer requirements.

Once the guests have taken a seat in the back seat, the photobull feeling sets in immediately and there is no stopping them. The van always comes with an old suitcase, which is filled to the brim with high-quality accessories.

On request, we can adapt the so-called “props” to the theme of the event.

Once the photos have been taken, our printer spits out one or more images with the customer logo outside the van, which can be taken directly with you. If desired, the photo can be saved directly to the guests' mobile phones using a QR code.

T2a Bulli in der Farbe Grün als Outline

customer magnet


No matter where our van arrives, it becomes the center of the action at the same moment. Even in taciturn Westphalia, he is a charming icebreaker who wraps everyone around the steering column. Memories of the grandfather who drove to Africa in his van or the never-ending bull ride with a burst tire in the middle of the Alps are immediately awakened. At trade fairs, events or road shows, it is therefore the ideal event highlight to talk to customers in a friendly way, or simply to party!

Ein Polaroid, wo der Ausdruck aus dem Drucker hervorkommt.

Non stopable!

Historic on the outside - high-tech on the inside!

Icon für "Einsatzgebiet" Grau

Area of use

From the North Sea to the Alps, our bus is always safely lashed down on a trailer. So we are guaranteed to be ready for use before your event starts!

Icon für "Nie allein" Grau

Never alone

Our bus is always accompanied by a friendly and event-experienced guide who knows the built-in photo box and is fun for everyone!

Icon für "Sofortdruck" Grau

Instant printing

Our bus arrives with a modern printer that prints high-quality photos in perfect quality within seconds. A great giveaway and a lasting reminder for your guests!

Icon für "Einsatzgebiet" Grau


Von der Nordsee bis in die Alpen fährt unser Bus stets sicher verzurrt auf einem Trailer. So sind wir garantiert einsatzbereit bevor dein Event startet!

Icon für "Nie allein" Grau

Nie allein

Unser Bus wird immer von einem netten und Event-erfahrenen Guide begleitet, der die eingebaute Fotobox genau kennt und für jeden Spaß zum haben ist!

Icon für "Sofortdruck" Grau


Unser Bus fährt mit einem modernen Drucker vor, der hochwertige Fotos sekundenschnell in perfekter Qualität ausdruckt. Ein schönes Giveaway und eine bleibende Erinnerung für deine Gäste!


"Fährt der noch?"

Photo of for 5 days at ABF in Hanover

The ABF (General Broad Trade Fair) in Hanover is one of the leading events for travel, leisure and gardening in Germany. Thousands of visitors flock to the exhibition halls every year to find out about the latest trends and offers in the areas of vacation, camping, caravanning, gardening and leisure activities.

Our mission:

We were booked for 5 days in Hall 25 in the midst of the theme of Van Life with our beautiful photo van to delight the guests with immediately printed pictures. The queue in front of our van barely stopped during the entire exhibition period and called on our speedy printer to perform at its best. A total of over 1,200 guests were in the photo van and took well over 2,000 prints with them. The printouts were branded at the trade fair design and provide a lasting memory for visitors to the trade fair and our photobull.

In addition to many beautiful photos, the photo of brought back many wonderful memories. Whether it was the trip to Sinai where the door was lost, the transmission change in the middle of the Bundeswehr exercise, or the sudden reminder of the name of the lady you kissed in a VW van for the first time.

We are looking forward to more wonderful days at the fair in cooperation with Hannover Messe AG!


“What happens in the photo van, stays in the van!”

Photo of at the EDEKA Young Talent Award

The EDEKA Young Talent Award is an important event that offers young talents in the food industry a platform to present their skills and innovations. In this competition, young professionals have the opportunity to present their ideas for new products, marketing strategies or concepts in retail to a jury of experts. The EDEKA Young Talent Award not only promotes creative approaches, but also the exchange of knowledge and experience within the industry and offers participants the opportunity to make valuable contacts and develop further. This event is therefore not only an excellent opportunity for young talent, but also an important driving force for the future of food retail.

The job:

Over two days, we had the pleasure of giving hundreds of event visitors a treat with our photo van, which EDEKA had booked for the 2-day EDEKA Young Talent Award event in Bremen. We were able to experience the team spirit up close. On the first day, we welcomed the award ceremony participants in the courtyard of the energy control center in Bremen! The way to the evening event later led us to Shed 1. There, during the event, the photo van shone in wonderful evening light right on the Weser. Had it not been a photo assignment, you could have thought it was a vacation.

Road trip to Mainz

The ZDF TV Garden is a sun-drenched oasis of entertainment and good humor that attracts millions of viewers in front of the screens every Sunday morning. With a thrilling mix of live music, entertainment and games, the show is a true highlight of the weekend.

But this time something was different than usual...

Our bus - A photo van was on site to celebrate 60 years of anniversary with around 1,500 cheerful ZDF employees. Until the early hours of the morning, we produced hundreds of very funny photo van photos with lots of nice people. There: Bert from the Mainzel men, who definitely has to go to the Black Forest Clinic for a few days after the assignment!

Der Bulli nach rechts fahrend als Illustration in der Farbe Beige.
Ein Polaroid, wo der Bulli auf dem Feld steht und seitlich fotografiert wurde.

Still available?

Are you as excited as we are about this cute little classic car and are looking for an exceptionally friendly photo campaign for your event, trade fair or road show?
We are looking forward to a non-binding request, which we will answer as soon as possible and are looking forward to your event!

Button Pfeil in weiß

Danke für deine Anfrage!

Wir werden uns so schnell wie möglich bei Dir melden.
Hoppla! Das hat leider nicht geklappt, bitte versuche es erneut!

Any more questions?

What can the photo van do?

Our bus is a rolling photo box or also known as a photo booth, a photo van, so to speak. It is equipped with a modern camera, a sharp display and a lightning-fast printer that prints waterproof photos for your guests in seconds.

Does your van go all the way to the Alps or the North Sea?

Yes, of course! Our bus rolls and rolls and rolls. Just as VW promised earlier. So that it doesn't take quite as long, we load the VW T2 van onto a trailer. This way, the sweetie arrives safely tied down and on time for your event.

Can my guests take their photos with them directly?

The photos from the photo van are printed out in a short time by a modern photo printer and are usually freshly printed when you leave the photo bus. If one photo is not enough, you are welcome to take several with you. Our bus always comes with a flat rate for printing!

Will I get a digital copy of my image?

In addition to the option to print the pictures, our Fotovan guests have the option to receive their pictures via QR Code or send them by email, provided that an Internet connection is available.

Indoor or outdoor?

The photo van can be set up both outside and inside buildings. Preferably in a production hall or a beautiful barn. The van requires an entrance height of at least 195 cm and has a width of 185 cm.

Does the van need a power connection?

The photo box and our illuminated lettering require a normal Schuko power connection. If the power outlet is no more than 30 meters away from the photo bus, we will help ourselves with a cable drum.

How much space does the photo van need?

The photo bus is very slim because the photo box is inside the van. Outside is the printer, our beautiful parasol and an inviting rug. If you plan 5 x 5 meters for us, everyone has enough space to have fun.

Does the photo bus need Internet access?

The photo van works with its own hotspot, which connects the photo box to the Internet. Arrive a Bulli, set it up, get started! It takes less than 20 minutes.

Can the van be adapted to the CI of our company?

The photo box experience in the photo van can be completely adapted to the design of your event or the CI of your company or client. From the start screen of the photo box to the printout, we adapt the design to your wishes.

On request, we create animated home pages on the photo box display or have the van branded with your claim or logo.

Do you bring photo box accessories?

Of course! Our old travel suitcase is filled to the brim with high-quality utensils with which your guests in the photo van can get creative. On request, we will pack the suitcase with the appropriate contents for your event.

Is the photo bus supervised?

The photo van includes at least one nice supervisor who lovingly takes care of your guests and the van.

Der Bulli nach links fahrend als Illustration in der Farbe Beige.