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January 30, 2024
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A photo of for 5 days at ABF in Hanover

The ABF (General Broad Trade Fair) in Hanover is one of the leading events for travel, leisure and gardening in Germany. Thousands of visitors flock to the exhibition halls every year to find out about the latest trends and offers in the areas of vacation, camping, caravanning, gardening and leisure activities.

Our mission:

We were booked for 5 days in Hall 25 in the midst of the theme of Van Life with our beautiful photo van to delight the guests with immediately printed pictures. The queue in front of our van barely stopped during the entire exhibition period and called on our speedy printer to perform at its best. A total of over 1,200 guests were in the photo van and took well over 2,000 prints with them. The printouts were branded at the trade fair design and provide a lasting memory for visitors to the trade fair and our photobull.

In addition to many beautiful photos, the photo of brought back many wonderful memories. Whether it was the trip to Sinai where the door was lost, the transmission change in the middle of the Bundeswehr exercise, or the sudden reminder of the name of the lady you kissed in a VW van for the first time.

We are looking forward to more wonderful days at the fair in cooperation with Hannover Messe AG!


“What happens in the photo van, stays in the van!”

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